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Clark Contractors, Inc. performs site construction with its own forces and applicable associated subcontractors if needed. Let us use our experience and expertise to lay the groundwork for your next successful project!

Relying on a combined experience of 60 plus years, our team has tackled a variety of site construction projects, including clearing, grading, bulk cuts, utilities, paving, retaining walls, retention ponds, landscaping, E&S controls and rain gardens. We have previously overseen builds for healthcare clinics, banks, warehouses, manufacturing plants and other commercial facilities. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

Commercial Concrete Services

At Clark Contractors, Inc., a definite cornerstone of our business since the beginning has been our concrete construction crews. Clark Contractors has self-performed concrete work on its projects for over 60 years. From foundations and concrete walls to finish floor slabs, we have the experience to complete all concrete projects.

When it comes to commercial concrete, it takes the right team to get the job done on time and on budget. At Clark Contractors, one of the key components to our over 60 years of success is our highly trained employees. Our skilled team of experienced layout carpenters and formers has an in-depth knowledge of form integration, admixture and curing techniques.

Clark Contractors placement crews are certified ACI Concrete Flatwork Technicians who are experienced in rebar placement and experts at properly determining concrete mix design requirements. Together, our skilled team has tackled a variety of concrete projects, including foundations, cast in place concrete walls, architectural concrete, stamped concrete, flat floors, site concrete, impervious concrete, high early strength placement and heavy reinforcement placement.

Investing in Equipment to Get the Job Done Faster

Nearly as important as a reliable concrete crew is access to the best equipment. At Clark Contractors we've invested in the latest concrete tools to ensure your next job gets done faster and with greater accuracy. Our current inventory of concrete equipment includes laser screeds, ride on power trowels, forms, and vibration tools - everything necessary to lay a foundation, build a barrier wall or create a sidewalk or path in your facility.

About Our Team

Some of the key components to our success include our highly trained employees and experienced surveying crews. Our staff undergo regular training to ensure they remain up-to-date with the best ways to purchase quality aggregate and utility materials, select the right piece of equipment for the project and properly follow through with all required third-party testing. This ensures budget overruns and delays due to employee error are minimized, site construction is finished to the highest possible standards, and regulatory and code compliance is made as simple as possible.

Keeping Your Project on Track at All Times

Relying on our knowledge of both buildings and sites gives us a unique advantage during the construction process - we are able to provide a quick and dry site for the building work to begin. In fact we aim to construct the stie at a quicker rate than the building process. This allows us to take advantage of the weather and growing seasons for applicable vegetation, which results in better erosion and sedimentation control. Clark Contractors supervisors maintain an erosion and sedimentation certificate and are trained on a yearly basis.

Contact Clark Contractors for Your Next Build

As a family-owned business serving western/central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland, Clark Contractors can provide site construction services to almost any commercial client. Whether you need us for the final clearing and infill stages of your build, or you would like to put our expertise to work for you throughout your project, contact us today.