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Commercial Excavation

Commercial Excavation Services for Western PA and Beyond

No industrial or commercial construction project can move forward without moving some earth. This requires the services of an experienced, capable excavation contractor who can take on the challenge of breaking ground in all types of conditions. If you need commercial excavation services in Harrisburg, Altoona, Cumberland or anywhere else in central/western PA and northern Maryland, make Clark Contractors your first call. We can provide excavation for companies in cities such as Bedford, Altoona and Harrisburg, PA, Cumberland, MD and beyond.

Our Experienced Excavation Contractors Are the Best in the Region

Clark Contractors' commercial excavating services can help you quickly break ground on your next commercial or industrial building. Our team is uniquely qualified to prepare sites for construction and can complete the job on schedule and on budget. We hire the best people, train them well and provide them with all the tools and equipment they need to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

A Complete Selection of Commercial Excavation Services

Depending on factors such as the condition of the land, the time of the year and size and scope of the construction project, it may require any number of tasks to complete an excavation job. We offer a variety of earthwork and commercial excavation services, including clearing brush, stripping and backfilling topsoil, preparing foundations for construction and more. Our state-of-the-art equipment fleet includes hydraulic excavators, backhoes and other types of heavy machinery that can handle even the most challenging digging conditions. All work is performed with the highest commitment to safety and environmental stewardship.

Providing Commercial Excavation Services to the Region Since 1951

Experience is a critical factor when evaluating and selecting an excavation contractor in western PA or northern MD. Headquartered in Bedford, PA, Clark Contractors has been a trusted source for commercial excavation services since 1951. For over 60 years, we have been breaking ground on projects throughout the region, proudly serving clients in a wide variety of industries including hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing/warehousing and many others.

View Our Project Gallery Online

At Clark Contractors, no commercial excavation job is too big or too small. Previous clients have included First United Bank and Trust, the Union Hotel in Everett, PA and JGL's Weber Lane Facility in Bedford. We can provide commercial excavation services for healthcare clinics, hotels, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and almost any other commercial or industrial building. Visit our project gallery page to see just a few of the recent excavations and builds we have been involved with.

An Insightful Approach to Commercial Excavation

Clark Contractors brings a whole-project mentality to every commercial excavation we complete. Because we also offer complete project management and site construction services, we understand the needs of a commercial build better than other contractors who focus exclusively on excavations. For a large building or facility with special needs, completing a commercial excavation can be a delicate task — ensuring proper drainage and access to utilities requires advanced planning and a skilled team that knows the complete requirements of your project.

We’ll Get the Job Done on Time and on Budget

At Clark Contractors, we always keep in mind the importance of meeting deadlines in any construction project. Providing timely, quality excavation services for Bedford, PA clients has been one of the cores of our business from the very beginning. We’re proud of our solid reputation as conscientious excavation contractors in western PA and beyond who complete projects on time and on budget. You won’t have to worry about costly delays or overruns that could derail your project and prevent you from meeting your construction objectives.

A Family Business for Three Generations

As with many of our clients, family is a cornerstone of our business. Since 1951, Clark Contractors has been owned and operated by three generations of the Clark family. We understand the significance of family values when it comes to the way we treat our many loyal clients who have stayed with us over the years. We view every client as a member of our extended family, which means we will always treat you with courtesy and respect.

Contact the Best Excavation Contractors in Western PA and Beyond

Don’t take chances with something as important to the success of your commercial construction project as your choice of an excavation contractor. To find out more about how we can help you, contact Clark Contractors today. We will also be happy to provide a no-obligation estimate for any of our excavation contractor services in western or central PA and northern MD.