Clark Builds New Airport Hanger in Bedford PA

bedford airport groundbreaking

Clark Contractors Inc. was chosen to build a new, 12,000 square foot hanger at the Bedford County Airport, to facilitate growing multi-modal travel in the region.

The new hanger will have sufficient space to accommodate 3-5 corporate jets, as well as 3000 square feet of office space for the fixed base operator, Bun Air Corp, and room for maintenance and piloting staff.

Clark Contractors Builds New Hanger at Bedford County Airport

Clark Contractors served as General Contractor on the project, which is set for completion around May 8 of 2020.

Available aviation transport is an important factor in helping companies of all kinds choose to do business in Bedford County. Clark Contractors Inc. is proud to support the continued economic development of the region.

For more information about the Bedford Airport Hanger project, or to inquire about other projects, please Contact Clark.

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