Stormwater Management 


Leftover water from rainstorms poses a threat to highways, buildings and other industrial settings. Rerouting stormwater from roadways creates a safe environment for all. 

Clark Contractors specializes in stormwater management services. During construction, we implement stormwater removal techniques for enhanced drainage. Learn more about our services and how we can improve your construction site before, during and after the project period.

What Is Stormwater Management?

Stormwater management is an effort to reduce excess runoff and pollution caused by a large influx of water. Normal rainfall runs off the road into a sewer system or gets absorbed by the land. When a storm occurs, however, water sits on the ground and carries debris, pollution, bacteria and other waste into rivers, lakes and oceans. 

Stormwater management is crucial both during and after a construction project. Excess rainwater can flush away loose soil and carry construction materials, and after construction is finished, you want to be sure that the area meets the EPA standards for stormwater, so that water can easily drain away in the future. 

Advantages of Stormwater Management

There are many reasons why stormwater management is necessary. Between the environmental, health and safety benefits, managing wastewater is crucial to any commercial construction project. 

The main advantages of proper stormwater management include: 

  • Improved flood control: When rainwater has nowhere to go, there is an increased chance of flood. Flooding damages buildings, roads and vehicles, and so protecting infrastructure from floods can prevent the need for costly repairs. 
  • Protected aquatic ecosystems: Rainwater can harm aquatic ecosystems by bringing in foreign materials. Protecting our ecosystems is a crucial aspect of storm management. 
  • Enhanced water quality: Reducing high amounts of polluted water in the sewer can help the water filtration process. We can make sure that the water in your home or business is safe for use. 
  • Better public health: Stormwater management can help keep water cleaner for the community’s best interest. Lower flood risk and filter strain can help ensure clean water throughout the area. 

When Should Stormwater Management Happen in Construction?

Planning stormwater management systems early can help you effectively manage excess water. Before construction starts, contractors can survey the area and note any places where water pools or collects. Depending on the project, this could be a valley, roadside or parking lot. 

During construction, adding in permeable surfaces or changing the landscape can help redirect the water where you want to go. If there is an established surface already, rain barrels or gutters can capture and redirect the water. 

Clark Contractors can install a variety of stormwater management solutions, including:

  • Detention/retention ponds
  • Constructed wetlands
  • Permeable pavement
  • Underground systems
  • Bioretention cells

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Clark Contractors has completed thousands of construction projects successfully. We are a family-owned business that proudly serves western Pennsylvania and northern Maryland. Our team of reliable contractors can handle any project, including stormwater management projects.

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