Flight Simulator Facility Construction

Flight simulators offer users insight into flying, and as a training tool for pilots.

At Clark Contractors, our goal when constructing a flight simulator facility was to make it robust enough to provide users with an unparalleled experience, no matter their skill level.

The Role of Flight Simulator Facilities

Flight simulator facilities play an important part in the aeronautical community. In fact, some professional-grade simulators exceed the cost of actual airplanes. Some of the uses of flight simulators include:

  • Training Pilots on New Aircraft
  • Developing New Aircraft
  • Researching aircraft traits and handling features

Because of their role in the development of aircraft and in training current and future pilots, it is crucial that flight simulator facilities provide an accurate flying experience, including mimicking real-life conditions, such as the wind.

Process of Constructing Flight Simulator Facilities

Our core focus is to ensure your project meets your needs, schedule and budget through collaboration. When approaching our flight simulator construction project, we took special care to meet our clients vision. The steps in our construction process included:

  • Concrete:

A solid, strong base is necessary to hold the flight simulator itself. Our concreting team provided a concrete slab foundation for this purpose.

  • Electrical:

Our certified electrical contractors ensured the proper wiring, as well as electrical capacity, was available to power the flight simulator.

  • Specialties

Installing a flight simulator is considered one of our more specialized services. To fulfill these specific requests, we reach out to subcontractors experienced in these fields to ensure quality service.

By understanding our clients’ goals, we finished construction on their flight simulator facility on-schedule.

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Our role in the construction of a flight simulator facility emphasizes our ability to adapt to the needs of our clients and develop techniques to apply to similar locations, such as planetariums, arcades and other structures that demand audience immersion.

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