Omni Bedford Springs Clubhouse - Interior Refurbish - Flooring

Interior Refurbishing Work We Completed

Omni Bedford Springs Clubhouse - Interior Refurbish - Flooring

Our priority for our commercial interiors at the resort was to stay true to Omni Bedford Springs Resort’s vision of an elegant and welcoming space. At the same time, we created practical and durable designs that would fit with our client’s day-to-day functionality requirements.

From the beginning of the project, our goal was to enrich the resort’s legacy and help visitors see the elegance of its past while enjoying luxurious modern convenience. Throughout the process, our expert industrial and commercial contractors prioritized meeting our client’s timeline. Using our years of experience in construction management, we handled the project with seamless, efficient services from start to finish.

To make our clients’ vision a reality, we met diverse construction work requirements and refurbished areas throughout the property.


As both an aesthetic and functional resort element, the refurbished flooring needed to be durable and elegant while fitting the building’s historical legacy. We developed new flooring for our Omni Bedford Springs Resort to fit their vision and match their day-to-day usage. Our design features worked with the already-existing elements in the building, staying true to the original design.


Our millwork allowed us to help craft the right features for the refurbishing project. To maintain a historical appearance true to the original layout, our expert millwork contractors handled patterned and stock profiled wood building materials for the project.

Omni Bedford Springs Clubhouse - Interior Refurbish - Millwork


We hired skilled subcontractors to update and ensure the highest standards for plumbing systems throughout the facility.


We hired professional electricians to handle electricity needs, manage new wiring and develop safe and efficient electrical processes throughout the resort.

Omni Bedford Springs Clubhouse - Interior Refurbish


Our certified subcontractors for HVAC applications provided exceptional services to make sure the HVAC systems were up-to-date and would keep guests and staff comfortable throughout the year.

Omni Bedford Springs Clubhouse - Interior Refurbish

IT Installation

For sophisticated IT systems, we provided installation services to set up everything for our client’s use. We custom-built IT solutions to streamline daily operational needs across the resort while maximizing efficiency.


Our contractors helped with drywall installation and preparation for superior insulation and an elegant final look that fit the desired aesthetic. Throughout the project, they worked to maintain the resort’s historic charm.

Doors and Windows

To complete the project, our team installed new doors and windows for quality insulation and functionality. These new features fit the current design and tone of the building.

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