Utilities Installation

Utilities installation on site

Underground utility lines need to be installed to provide power, gas and water to a building. Whether you need to rework existing lines or connect a new line, finding a trusted contractor is the first step. 

Clark Contractors can install underground utility lines for new commercial buildings. Our team of contractors can help you coordinate utilities installation with other building processes and get your building project ready for the next steps. Find out more about our utility line construction services in central and western Pennsylvania and northern Maryland.

Utility Installation: The Basics

Utility installation is the process of installing electric, water and gas lines to a new building or structure. Most utility lines, such as gas, cable, telephone and plumbing, are underground. Underground lines require digging, mapping out existing lines and working underneath structures. 

When installing underground utilities in a new building, we first map out existing utility lines so we can work around them. This planning is essential, as it allows us to prevent crossed lines and damage to existing materials.

Once we establish a plan, we begin trenching, digging long trenches for the utility lines. During this time, we also lay conduits to guide any cables or smaller tubes through the trench.

Finally, we lay down the utility lines and ensure that all connections are secure and ready to work. After all the lines are in place, we restore the area so construction can resume.

The Benefits of Our Utility Installation Services

Utilities Installation

Working with a professional company streamlines the utility installation process. At Clark Contractors, we are trained to plan out and implement utility lines both underneath and above the surface. 

Our services are: 

  • Efficient: We work to install new utility lines as quickly as possible, so you can get on with the next phase of construction. 
  • Lasting: We prioritize quality in every project. You can be sure that your lines can withstand weather and years of use without maintenance. 
  • Trustworthy: We have completed many utility projects since our company’s founding in 1951, making us an experienced, trustworthy partner.

When Should You Install Utilities? 

If you are burying utility lines, which is most common, we recommend installing lines once there is a framework for the new structure. You might rely on the utilities throughout the rest of the building process, so having them connected as soon as possible is ideal. 

Generally, the order for installing utilities is gas and waste lines first, followed by plumbing and ending with electrical. This order may vary, depending on the project, especially if one or more utilities are existing or not needed. Installing your utilities early will simplify the process and give you the freedom to focus on the rest of the project.

Contact Clark Contractors for Experienced Service 

Clark Contractors has over 60 years of experience in construction services. We are a third-generation family business and have completed thousands of projects in our lifetime. As a full-service contractor, we can handle every aspect of any project.

Get started by contacting us to request a quote today, and we can help you establish utilities for your project.