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Commercial Interior - Office Cubicles

At Clark Contractors, we offer services spanning every phase of the construction process. Our commercial interior furnishings put the finishing touches on commercial and industrial buildings so businesses can get right to work in their new or renovated facilities. With 70 years of experience working in Pennsylvania and northern Maryland, Clark Contractors is committed to keeping you on schedule and on budget. 

What Are Commercial Interiors? 

It takes a lot of work to erect a new commercial or industrial building, and the job isn’t complete until the space is ready to facilitate your entire staff. Commercial interior furnishings are one of the last steps of the construction process. Contractors will furnish a building after completing the physical infrastructure, installing HVAC, and wiring the building with electricity. 

Commercial Interior - New Furnished Office

Commercial interiors include design elements like paint, flooring, or ceilings, plus other features like tables, benches, desks, cabinets, and other furniture. These final additions to a commercial or residential building shape it for its intended use and lay the groundwork for productive office operations. Clark Contractors has the expertise to complete every stage of a construction project, from planning to interior furnishing. 

Benefits of Commercial Interior Furnishings

Commercial interiors are a necessary part of the construction process. An experienced crew can perform timely commercial interior furnishing services at an affordable rate. Work with Clark Contractors to:

  • Receive a beautiful finished product: Your office facility is where you’ll make first impressions with potential clients or recruits, so it’s crucial to achieve a distinguished look. Our experienced crew will implement creative design schemes and use the finest materials to complete your office with beautiful furnishings that set a professional, refined tone. 
  • Improve employee productivity: With the services of our commercial interior, your new or renovated office will include convenient features and a thoughtful design that position your staff for success. We’ll complete your project on time so you can get right to work rather than coordinating with a third-party interior designer after construction.
  • Save time and money: Furnishing your office’s interior can be expensive. It costs a lot of money to buy countertops, desks, floor tiles, and other products on your own, and your staff will spend their productive hours shopping for deals. Clark Contractors can furnish your building as a part of the construction process, so you won’t have to spend time or money looking for another solution. 
  • Ensure safety and compliance: With decades of experience under our belts, Clark Contractors has the knowledge and skills to complete any commercial interiors project the right way. We’ll pay close attention to every detail to ensure your building is safe for your staff and compliant with all relevant regulations. 

Commercial Interiors From Clark Contractors

Since our foundation in 1951, we’ve helped hundreds of clients in a variety of industries develop buildings that accommodate their needs. We do the job right the first time every time so your company can get to work in a new building that improves its operations. Contact us online today to learn more and get started on your project.

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