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Clark Contractors, Inc proudly sponsors The Challenge Program, as we help support pupils in two Pennsylvania high schools, Everett and Tussey Mountain. This year marks the five-year anniversary of our partnership with the nonprofit organization and we are proud to invest in the emerging workforce.  

Thank You’s From the Challenge Program

The Challenge Program thanked us for our continued support and involvement in their projects. Our dedicated team has helped make high school students aware of the opportunities and career paths available to them. Through our sessions and investments, we demonstrate the habits the students need to succeed at school and beyond, giving them an advantage when entering the workforce.  

We invested in learners between grades 10-12, taking them through career opportunities in commercial and industrial contracting work in their region, focusing on family-sustaining roles, and looking into career development activities with our company and projects.

Clark Contractors’ president, Clifton Clark, explains that we support the program because it allows learners to cultivate good employee traits and start on the right foot in getting a position they are passionate about and interested in. 

The Impact of Our Partnership

Students have mentioned the program’s positive impact on them and how it has shifted their minds into believing they can improve and be more successful. One student explains the program’s impact and why more students should get involved, “They (the students) should be involved with the program because it just doesn’t give you free money, it changes you in general where you are thinking, ‘Oh, I’m not going to be good enough at school’ — it changes your mind to think you can do it, just by changing a simple D to a C.”

Another student appreciated the program’s recognition. “I would like to thank and show my appreciation for receiving this award. I am very thankful and glad you noticed the hard work and dedication I put into the school year. This means a lot receiving it my senior year, thank you!”

Feedback on the Impact of The Challenge Program’s Success

The program is receiving excellent results and feedback about business sponsorships like ours:

  • 86% of students said the program increased their awareness of career opportunities through business partnerships.
  • 99% of students believe the program’s award categories championed good habits for success. 

What Is The Challenge Program?

The Challenge Program (TCP) is a nonprofit organization partnering with high schools and businesses to help educate and motivate students. The aim is to equip students with the necessary skills to become successful at school and in the workforce.

TCP focuses on five career and academic success categories — attendance, STEM, community service, academic improvement and academic excellence. The nonprofit organization partners with businesses to help sponsor programs, fund the awards, and connect companies with initiatives that align with the company’s goals and experience.

Join Clark Contractors in supporting the Challenge Program

Join Clark Contractors in Supporting The Challenge Program 

Clark Contractors values giving back to the community and invites businesses to join in on the mission to invest in our youth. Visit The Challenge Program Inc website to learn more about getting involved or donating. 

Below is a letter we received from The Challenge Program Highlighting our sponsorship and impact: