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When your customers enter your building, one of the first details they notice is the flooring. To make a good first impression, your commercial property should incorporate flooring that is both attractive and functional. No matter the material, installing new floors can be a costly project, so work with a contractor who will do the job right at an affordable rate. 

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At Clark Contractors, we provide flooring installation and a full range of other services to give your commercial building a dignified look. We are a family-owned business serving clients in central and western Pennsylvania and northern Maryland since 1951. As a result, we have the experience to complete any flooring project efficiently while meeting strict standards for quality.

Full Service for Better Results

When you work with a full-service contractor that has the capability to tackle your project from the ground up, your business will experience several benefits. A full-service contractor will save your business money. Rather than dealing with numerous crews at varying rates, you can hire a single contractor at the same low bid for the entire project. You’ll also save time by working with one contractor on an efficient schedule, avoiding scheduling delays and backups.

In addition, partnering with a full-service contractor offers legality assurance. When you hire one contractor, you’ll know they have the work permits, insurance, code knowledge and legal awareness to complete the project safely. Above all, hiring a full-service contractor will lead to a higher-quality outcome. As a team works on a project across multiple stages, they become more familiar with the building and your unique needs. With a full-service crew, you’ll get the best result for your money.

Quality From the Ground Up

For any commercial property, flooring is an integral part of interior design and construction. Floors need to be functional for your business and help support day-to-day operations. It’s important to consider the wear and tear your floors will experience as well as the effect your flooring will have on the work performed in your facility.

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Beyond function, your floors serve as a selling point to your customers. With flooring that matches your brand identity and looks distinguished, you’ll show customers that your company is professional and polished. 

Why Hire Professional Flooring Contractors? 

At Clark Contractors, we make it easy to install flooring that benefits your commercial property. We’re a full-service contractor capable of working on your project from the ground up, so there’s no need to hire another company. We’ll install your floor the right way at an affordable rate, ensuring you get the most from your investment. Work with us to benefit from:

  • An experienced installation team
  • An accurate project assessment and quote
  • Preparedness and timely installation 
  • Peak efficiency
  • A high-quality result

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Save money and enjoy quality assurance by hiring a contractor with the experience to perform any flooring job. To learn more about our full range of services and discuss your project, contact the Clark Contractors team today!