Generator Installation

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Power outages can happen at any time. It’s essential to have a backup plan for when the power goes out to keep your industrial facility or commercial building operating as usual. Emergency generators can provide a simple and convenient solution for backup power generation. Work without interruption with a reliable generator for your building. 

Clark Contractors provides full-service generator services, from installation to repair and maintenance, so you can have peace of mind in potential power outages. Be prepared for any length of time without power with a generator from Clark Contractors. 

What Types of Generators Are Available, and Which Is Best?

Whether you need a new generator or are considering purchasing one for the first time, it’s important to review the various types of generators and determine which one is best for your circumstances. 

There are two basic types of generators:

1. Backup Generators

Backup generators are manually controlled. When the power goes out, you have to switch your generator on to get electricity. With this type of machine, you have more control over when and how often it comes on. This can come in handy when you want to conserve energy over brief, scheduled outages. 

Backup models are commonly used as home generators since the stakes are often lower in residential power outages. 

2. Standby Generators

These generators can sense when your power is out and automatically switch on to give nearly uninterrupted electricity. Standby generators require professional installation and are usually fueled by liquid propane or natural gas. 

Installing a standby generator in your commercial building can give you immediate relief from unexpected power outages, saving you the time and energy it takes to locate and start a generator. 

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Generator Installed?

The cost of a generator can vary depending on several key factors:

  • Type of generator: Standby and backup generators have different installation requirements that can affect the overall cost.
  • Required sound attenuation: Standby generators may require sound attenuation if installed outdoors to remain compliant with noise regulations. 
  • Fuel type: Your generator’s fuel can influence installation and operational costs.
  • Facility location: Your location’s seismic risk can impact the total amount of fuel needed at installation. 

If you’re looking for a specific quote for how much your generator will cost, get in touch with us.

Why Choose Clark Contractors?

Clark Contractors is a family-owned business that’s served western and central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland since 1951. We’ve successfully completed thousands of projects over our 70 years of experience. 

When you work with Clark Contractors, you can expect:

  • Efficiency: Our contractors will work quickly to ensure your project is completed on time. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: We’ll work to ensure your project remains within your budget. 
  • Superior service: We will communicate with you every step of the way to ensure complete satisfaction. 

Get Reliable Generator Installation From Clark Contractors 

Clark Contractors offers experienced technicians for professional generator installation in your commercial building or industrial facility. Experience the comfort of knowing your property is covered by a dependable generator if an unexpected power outage occurs. 

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