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A successful industrial building construction project requires extensive planning to ensure the new or remodeled facility will meet the company’s productivity and safety requirements. It also demands effective execution so the building will continue to serve the company well for many years to come. Consequently, the choice of a western PA industrial building construction company is one of the most important decisions a business owner will have to make.

In today’s industrial climate, extended construction time is a luxury that seldom exists. Clark Contractors understands these constraints and works with you to develop a project plan that meets your needs without sacrificing quality or increasing cost. We’ve been providing timely, reliable, cost-effective industrial building construction services to companies throughout western and central PA cities such as Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Bedford and State College since 1951.


Renovation of Townsend Park for City of Pittsburgh

City of Pittsburgh

Project Description: Renovation of Townsend Park for the City of Harrisburg

Services: Demolition, concrete, furnishings (benches), earthwork, pavement, playground tile, fencing & landscaping.

Captive Aire

Captive Aire Facility

102,000 sq. ft.

Project Description: Design and Construct a facility for industrial production.

Work Included: Site preparation, utility services, asphalt paving, landscaping, stormwater systems, building construction, fire protection, plumbing systems, HVAC, and electrical systems.

Finishes included insulated glass and aluminum storefront windows throughout, tempered glass office framing, sealed and polished concrete floors throughout, and architectural tile ceilings.

Huntingdon Penn DOT Facility

Huntington Penn DOT Facility – Construction Site

Project Description: Construction of a 4.8-acre new stockpile site

Work included site work, stormwater basins, staging building, two salt storage buildings, a 5,000-gallon
salt brine storage and containment system, paving, fence & gates.

PA Turnpike Newville Salt Storage

PA Turnpike Commission Newville Salt Storage Building

20,008 sq. ft.

Project Description: Design Build of new dry salt storage building

Work Included glulam beams, translucent siding panels, roofing, cast in place concrete walls, asphalt paving and electrical work

Central Hydraulics Building Expansion

Central Hydraulics Building Expansion

33,844 sq. ft.

Project Description: Construct a new addition to the Central Hydraulics Building

Work included site work, concrete, masonry, structural steel, metal building system, thermal insulation, man doors, overhead doors, light gauge metal framing, drywall, custom casework, signage, dock equipment, elevator, bridge crane, JIB cranes, electrical, asphalt paving and landscaping.


Keystone Building Dry Cooler

Project description: Installed two dry coolers on an existing chiller system located in the parking garage and piped into the existing chiller condenser piping. Isolation valves were installed to be able to switch from city water to the glycol system. Glycol feeder and circulating pump were installed in the mechanical room. New electrical circuits were installed to feed the two dry coolers as well as the glycol feeder and circulating pump.

PA Turnpike Somerset Maintenance Facility

PA Turnpike Somerset Maintenance Facility

Project Description: Construction of the new Somerset Maintenance Facility
a. Building No. 1 to house the Section Maintenance 26,114 SF
b. Building No. 2 to house a truck and equipment storage garage 25,935 SF
c. Building No. 4 to house domestic booster pump, fire pump, and an adjacent water storage tank
1007 SF
d. Building No. 5 to house the Pennsylvania State Police Barracks 13,750 SF
e. Building No. 6 a three-sided storage shed, which is unheated and open to the air 1,800 SF
f. Building No. 7 a storage building for the Pennsylvania State Police
g. Building No. 8 includes temporary offices and secure storage for the Pennsylvania State Police
h. Building No. 9 a weather canopy for the fueling station. 1,467 SF

In addition to the construction of the 9 buildings, the work includes site improvements including, but not limited to, demo and removal of existing buildings structures and utilities. Removal of existing underground fuel storage tanks and disposal. Grading and compaction of entire site. Installation of concrete pavement and asphalt pavement. Installation of all site utilities, fencing, landscaping, etc., and an above grade fuel storage tank system and dispensing.

Somerset Penn DOT Facility

PA Department of Transportation New Stockpile Facility Somerset County

Project Description: Construction of a new stockpile facility of PA Department of Transportation

Construction of 4,800 sf salt storage building
Construction of new 1,728 sf aggregate storage building
Construction of new 1,728 sf salt brine storage building along with brine tanks
Construction of new 600 sf tool storage building
Construction of new 1,080 sf personnel staging building

In addition to the construction of the 5 buildings the work also included site work including erosion and sediment control, clearing and grubbing of the site. Installation of all site utilities including stormwater management. Installation of asphalt paving, line striping, stone staging areas, concrete aprons, pads and curbs. Installation of perimeter fencing and gates, final grading and landscaping.

PA Turnpike Commission Everett Fares Building

PA Turnpike Commission Everett Fares Building

16,340 sq. ft.

Project Description: Construction of New Fares Collection/Office Warehouse Building

Work included excavation, stormwater piping, concrete foundations and slabs, brick masonry, metal building system , structural steel framing, thermal insulation, steel and aluminum doors, drywall, acoustical ceilings, flooring, custom casework, painting, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire suppression system, mechanical controls, on site generator, paving and landscaping.

This project was Leed Silver Certified.

Bedford Airport Hangar

Project Specs: Construction of approximately 13,000 sq. ft. hanger space with approximately 3,000 sq. ft. of adjoining unfinished tenant space. 

Work completed:  

Earthwork, asphalt paving, stormwater controls, concrete foundations and slabs, steel building, interior and exterior finishes, and landscaping.

Extensive Experience in All Types of Industrial Building Construction Projects

Regardless of your industry or unique construction requirements, you can always count on Clark Contractors to provide the best solution for your needs. We have an extensive track record in the successful completion of all types of industrial facilities. Our industrial projects include new construction of industrial and manufacturing complexes, pre-engineered steel buildings, highway maintenance sheds, airport hangers, concrete storage facilities, substations, and other industrial facilities. When the time comes to construct your industrial project, you can count on Clark Contractors to make the building process a pleasant one.

Expert Support During Every Phase of Your Industrial Building Construction Project

From Harrisburg and the capital region to Pittsburgh, PA, Clark Contractors has western and central PA covered when it comes to industrial building construction. We offer expert support throughout the design/build process and can help with everything from job costing and material sourcing to HVAC, plumbing and finishing work. We are a family business with over 60 years of experience serving commercial clients in central and western PA – contact us first for all your commercial construction needs!

Specializing in Industrial and Commercial Construction

The field of commercial and industrial building construction is much different than residential construction. It requires a sound understanding of the specific challenges that companies face, as well as the ability to anticipate the company’s present and future needs. Whether you need an elegant retail space to impress high-profile clients, or a functional warehouse for shipping and storing your inventory, Clark Contractors specializes in matching the right job with the right design. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that your new building will meet your requirements for many years to come.

We Encourage You to View Examples of Our Successful Industrial Building Construction Projects

Our website includes many examples of our superior work over the years. Visit our project gallery to see a diverse selection of some of the previous builds we’ve worked on – from an elegant hotel or an efficient manufacturing facility, our design and construction expertise covers the entire range of industrial and commercial buildings. A few of the numerous projects we’ve completed include the Bedford Airport Hangar, Carbon Township Waste Water Treatment Plant, Huntingdon Penn Dot Facility and PA Turnpike Newville Salt Storage Facility.

A Family Business Serving Bedford, PA and Beyond

Since 1951, Clark Contractors has been a leading commercial/industrial building construction company serving industrial clients throughout Pennsylvania. Based in Bedford, we offer service from Pittsburgh to State College and the Capital region. The Clark Contractors business has been in the family for three generations – we know the value of loyalty, and we work hard to earn our clients’ trust every day.

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Whether you’re planning to build a new industrial facility or renovate an existing structure, Clark Contractors has the experience and know-how to ensure a successful outcome. If your company is located in State College, Bedford, Harrisburg or anywhere else in western or central PA, contact us to learn more about our comprehensive menu of industrial building construction services.