Bedford Airport Hangar Project

Clark Contractors recently had the honor of providing turnkey design and construction services for Bedford Airport’s custom aircraft hangar project. Our team of experts and dedicated network of subcontractors applied their industry-leading expertise, equipment and techniques over 300 days to build a state-of-the-art hangar tailored to the Bedford County Airport Authority’s needs.

Bedford Airport Hangar Construction Process

This project requires a tailored design and meticulous construction process, moving efficiently from site excavation to handover.

Site Work and Foundation 

To prepare the site, our team conducted thorough site excavation and grading to ensure a level surface for construction. Our certified ACI concrete flatwork technicians installed a specialized, deep concrete slab foundation because Bedford, PA, experiences significant snowfall during the winter months. A deeper foundation reduces the risk of frost heave due to ice formation in the soil.

Metal Building System Construction

This 16,000-square-foot Bedford Airport hangar’s structure comprises an advanced integrated metal building system manufactured by Nucor. Our highly skilled technicians delivered an efficient structural steel installation comprising robust primary rigid frames, wall girts and roof purlins. We installed durable metal cladding and bracing to the frame to complete the structure’s shell.

Windows and Doors

Window and door installation followed, with a combination of standard and customized options incorporated. Working closely with our trusted subcontractor, we designed and installed a fully customized four-panel scissor folding hangar door system for the hangar. This impressive door is 137 feet wide and 27 feet tall, and cutting-edge technology ensures smooth opening via a control panel.

Thermal Insulation

We applied premium-quality thermal roofing insulation for optimal protection from the elements, including heat and moisture. 

Electrical and Heating Control System 

Our certified team worked alongside our reliable subcontractor to provide safe and efficient electrical circuitry installation within the Bedford Airport hangar. The electrical conduit system incorporated during the design and framework construction process allowed for easy and effective installation of these essential components. We also included a top-of-the-line, energy-efficient modulating heating control system with advanced controls.

Flooring, Paving and Landscaping

Our team of specialists completed the hangar by applying a hard-wearing floor-coating system to reduce wear and tear. We also provided landscaping design and asphalt paving services for the site surrounding the building to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

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