General Contractors

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As you start a new construction project, one critical component to consider is who will oversee the entire building process to ensure all elements come together correctly. General contractors specialize in construction management. These workers will keep track of all project details and make sure tasks are completed on time and within budget. 

Clark Contractors provides experienced general contractors who will facilitate day-to-day construction tasks to move your project forward. Rest assured knowing construction will be completed accurately and efficiently with the oversight of a professional project manager. 

What Is a General Contractor?

General contractors oversee remodeling or new construction projects from the permit stage to final inspections. These contractors are essential to the success of your construction project. 

General contractors will work closely with the architect of the plans to ensure each project detail is in place before construction begins. They will also execute construction management throughout the process, monitoring each project component to keep everything on track with your budget and timeline. 

These workers are skilled in construction processes and may complete some tasks themselves. General contractors will also likely hire subcontractors to complete tasks such as painting, electrical work or plumbing. The general contractor’s main concern will be remaining on-site to inspect progress and troubleshoot when unexpected circumstances arise.

Questions to Consider When Choosing a General Contractor

Before you hire a general contractor, you will want to ensure they have the qualifications to handle your project. Conduct some research with the following questions in mind to determine if the contractor is a good fit for your project’s needs: 

  • How long has the contractor been in the construction industry?
  • Have they completed any projects with specifications similar to yours?
  • What is included with the contractor’s services?
  • Is the contractor licensed and insured?
  • Are there positive reviews of the contractor’s services? 

These questions are a great starting point when you’re deciding what you need from your general contractor. You can look for this information on the contractor’s website or ask them directly in your initial consultation. 

What Sets Clark Contractors Apart From the Rest?

Clark Contractors is a family-owned full-service contracting company that’s been serving western and central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland since 1951. We offer a wide range of contracting services, including general contracting. 

You get numerous benefits when you choose Clark Contractors for construction management, including: 

  • Experience: With 70 years in the construction industry and thousands of successful projects, Clark Contractors can provide expert service.
  • Reliability: We work efficiently and accurately to deliver consistent results 
  • Customer service: Our contractors will communicate with you throughout the project to ensure complete satisfaction.
  • Quality: We work thoroughly and consider each detail to enable a smooth, stress-free project every time.

Choose Clark Contractors for Your General Contracting Needs

Clark Contractors is experienced in orchestrating construction management for industrial facilities, commercial buildings and institutional projects. Reach out to us before your next project for professional general contracting services. 

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