Commercial Drywall Contractors

Drywall installation is a step in the construction process that shapes the quality of the building’s interior design and ensures the building’s economic and aesthetic value, which is why it must be done right.

Clark Contractors is a leader in providing efficient, durable, high-quality drywall installation. We’ve been serving the central/western Pennsylvania and northern Maryland areas since 1951, and we’re committed to meeting your needs with optimal service and top-quality work.

Quality Drywall Installation for Any Project

Drywall installation happens in the later stages of a commercial building project. Once the exterior building construction and the interior details like electrical wiring are complete, hanging the drywall is the next step to finishing up the building’s interior.

The process of drywall installation involves fastening boards into place against the building’s ceiling and wall frames. Made of a combination of gypsum, paper and a few additional ingredients like resin to hold it together, drywall is a resilient material that helps insulate the building while smoothly covering up the inner framing and wiring.

Quality drywall installation provides many benefits for the building project:

  • Energy efficiency: Professionally installed drywall ensures better energy efficiency and insulation for the entire building.
  • Mold and moisture resistance: Drywall materials can help keep the building dry and resistant to molds, improving the building’s quality, durability and safety for occupants.
  • Professional aesthetic: A well-done drywall job provides a polished and professional foundation for the building’s interior design.

Commercial Drywall Contractors in Pennsylvania

If you’re working on a commercial building project, it’s important to plan for the commercial drywall services you need, because a good job makes all the difference for the final quality of the construction. Drywall contractors can accomplish several tasks to provide a professional finished product, including:

  • Cutting drywall to the specifications of the building design measurements
  • Fastening the drywall to the frames for the ceilings and walls
  • Smoothing and patching any holes, uneven spots or rough patches
  • Sealing the wallboard joints
  • Sanding all patching to ensure a smooth and polished finish

Commercial drywall contractors follow these steps to ensure that the final walls are smooth, fully sealed and durable before they move to the painting stage.

Choose Clark Contractors for Trusted Commercial Drywall Services

Clark Contractors has years of experience in providing quality drywall services to clients. We’re a trusted drywall contractor with a long record of successful projects, and we continue to strive for excellence in everything we do.

When you work with us to complete your commercial drywall project, you can be confident that we’ll deliver a professional job that exceeds your expectations. We’ll ensure that our work keeps your project on schedule and within your budget.

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