Commercial & Industrial Plumbing Contractors

commercial plumbing installation

As a full-service commercial construction contractor, Clark Contractors can take care of all your building’s Plumbing needs.

Whether you’re looking to retrofit an older facility or install a complete system in a new construction, we can provide everything you need from a single vendor.

A family business based in Bedford, PA, we serve clients throughout central/western Pennsylvania and northern Maryland.

Clark Contractors self performs and relies on applicable associated experienced subcontractors we needed. Relying on over 60 years of construction experience, our team has tackled many types of plumbing projects, including new installations of water & sewer, pumps, water heaters, gas lines, air lines, and associated venting and piping.

We excel at meeting the plumbing needs of a wide range of clients, from healthcare facilities to hotels and other hospitality industry operators.

Commercial Plumbing Made Easy

One of the key components to our success has been the quality and professionalism of our crews and the subcontractors we deal with.

With certified on staff plumbers and large network of trusted partners, we can be the best company to fit your project.

We can also coordinate the build process to avoid delays and ensure your plumbing system components get installed to the high standards we demand – and our clients expect.

Over 60 Years of Plumbing Experience

Plumbing requirements for commercial constructions can be extremely complex, whether your’e building a manufacturing facility with precise temperature control needs or a retail storefront where economical customer comfort is essential.

Efficiently meeting the needs of your business requires sophisticated engineering and a team who knows how to properly install commercial-level plumbing systems.

At Clark Contractors we rely on our vast knowledge of our past projects to give us a unique advantage in every plumbing project we take on. Our team of plumbing experts can move quickly, safely and with precision.

We’ll complete your project without flaws, while minimizing lead times and ensuring your completed facility is as powerful and efficient as possible. To find out more about our full list of services, contact us today.

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