The Omni Bedford Springs Clubhouse is an homage to the resorts’ original clubhouse. Besides a nostalgic feel, the goal of the clubhouse construction was to create a welcoming and comfortable ambiance for members.

To achieve their vision, Omni Bedford Springs Resort contacted our team at Clark Contractors.

Use of Omni Bedford Springs Clubhouse

A core part of our relationship with clients is to understand the purpose and use of the construction space. The Omni Bedford Springs Clubhouse, which encompasses 6,000 square feet, was designed to provide the following:

  • Indoor and outdoor dining for more than 80 patrons
  • Outdoor lounge area with a fire pit
  • Retail and shopping area for golf gear and other merchandise
  • Two locker rooms for golfers

The Omni Springs Resort team also wanted to honor the history of the resorts golf course, which has hosted 13 U.S. presidents since its opening in 1806, while still incorporating modern elements into the new building. They also set a $2.5 million budget.

Building the Omni Bedford Springs Clubhouse

We knew we could achieve the vision and goals for the Omni Bedford Springs Resort because of our experience in hospitality construction. To create the nostalgia and comfort of the Omni Bedford Springs Resort while meeting the budget, we did the following:

  • Created a balanced design of modern and original elements
  • Produced elegant finishes and moldings in-house for the interior
  • Hired specialized carpenters to produce high-quality finishes and molds
  • Used certified subcontractors to provide top-notch electrical, plumbing and HVAC services
  • Ensured construction remained on-schedule

Contributing to the history of the Omni Bedford Springs Resort, as well as achieving their vision, is an accomplishment our team is proud to add to our growing portfolio.

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