CaptiveAire Manufacturing Facility Project

Clark Contractors Inc. is proud to have spearheaded the construction of CaptiveAire’s 102,000-square-foot Bedford, Pennsylvania, manufacturing facility, completed in September 2021. CaptiveAire is the country’s leading manufacturer of commercial kitchen ventilation systems, and the project’s objective was to increase this highly productive manufacturing facility’s presence in the area

The CaptiveAire Facility Construction Process

As this CaptiveAire facility’s function is to manufacture HVAC systems, our team considered the client’s machinery, processes and logistics needs when determining its structural elements and finishes. Our construction process involved the following applications.

Site Preparation

After surveying, our expert team prepared the site by excavating and grading the land to create a level surface before pouring the foundation.

Utility Installation

We started by mapping out the required electrical, gas, plumbing and telecommunications lines. With a plan in place, we then dug the relevant trenches, laid the conduits to guide the cables, installed the necessary utility lines and restored the site for construction.

Structure Construction

Once we laid the foundation, we erected the building’s robust structural steel frame, reinforced it with brick walls and installed a durable metal cladding finish. The building’s finishes include aluminum windows and doors featuring insulated glass panes. The floors throughout are polished concrete, the ceilings comprise architectural tiles and the office spaces inside the building are framed with attractive tempered glass.

Landscaping and Paving

To ensure the land surrounding the new structure is functional and enhances the aesthetics of the facility, our seasoned team landscaped the plot, incorporating adequate asphalt paving for vehicles and parking surrounded by lush green grass, shrubbery and trees. 

Stormwater Management

Our professional team assessed the site and employed several stormwater management solutions in alignment with EPA standards. These measures work to improve flood control and promote the health and safety of both the community and the immediate ecosystem.

Fire Protection

Our team of professionals installed a comprehensive fire sprinkler system covering the whole facility. For added safety, we included a sprinkler riser room, allowing quick and easy access to the sprinkler system controls for maintenance or in an emergency.

Ventilation, Lighting and Plumbing Installation

The Clark Contractors Inc. team installed the facility’s commercial HVAC system and all the necessary plumbing, plug points and lighting required for the various sections of the structure, including manufacturing, storage and office areas.

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