Commercial Construction Contractors in Harrisburg, PA

Clark Contractors is a third-generation family-owned business that specializes in getting your construction projects done on time and on budget. Our reputation has led us to serve Central and Western PA as well as Northern Maryland. We work with a number of industries and understand the important nuances of each one. Working with a Clark contractor means you can expect the highest quality work.

If you’re looking for a trusted construction company in the Harrisburg, PA area, look no further than Clark Contractors.

Harrisburg Urban Development Construction

Urban development and government construction are important aspects of the City of Harrisburg’s development. This holds true for the city’s suburbs, too. Some of Harrisburg’s most notable features are its government buildings, like the Pennsylvania State Capitol. When you drive into the city, you can’t miss the building’s green domed roof.

Harrisburg is home to many government buildings as well as other commercial buildings. The city houses Strawberry Square and The Whitaker Center, Midtown Cinema and businesses in every industry. Many of the city’s buildings are historical, adding a complication to construction and renovation.

We understand the importance of maintaining historical legacy while developing construction projects for the future. It’s what the city’s residents love about the place they live. When you love something, you don’t want the things you love to change drastically.

Along with working on historical buildings, we construct buildings for businesses that make the most sense for that operation. We look at your business’s needs and other factors, so we can give you a space that is efficient and effective for everyday work.

Trust Clark Contractors for Your Harrisburg Construction Project

Clark Contractors knows how to work with these types of buildings. We take the time to ensure we do not interrupt the integrity of any structure we work on. You can see samples of our past projects in our project gallery.

We have the experience you can trust. We’ve completed thousands of projects successfully since we were founded in 1951. We work with our clients every step of the way, from the planning process at the very beginning until the project is complete.

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