Industrial Construction Contractors in Pittsburgh, PA

bedford airport groundbreaking

Since 1951, Clark Contractors has successfully managed thousands of construction projects. If you’re looking for construction subcontractors in Pittsburgh, Clark Contractors should be your first call.

Master Construction Project Planners in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh’s industry is at the heart of this city and its history. The City of Steel got its nickname for a reason. From the Industrial Revolution to modern day, steel and other metals have played a vital role in Pittsburgh’s development. The city’s industrial and commercial growth has made it a prominent city on the East Coast.

Clark Contractors can help you complete your Pittsburgh construction project successfully. We know the importance of planning ahead. When you trust us with your commercial or industrial planning project, that’s exactly what we do. Our team of construction managers will help you keep your project on schedule and on budget.

No matter the size of project you take us on for, we can handle it. We will help construct buildings and services that Pittsburgh needs, like hospitals and versatile metal buildings. Structures made of metal can be used as warehouses, manufacturing and for many other commercial purposes. Metal buildings also show industrial history with a more modern, contemporary architecture.

Commercial Construction Contractor Pittsburgh

Check out our commercial project portfolio to see examples of our past projects. You’ll see the finished product of projects that we spent the time to do right. We don’t only want to help you construct a building you’ll feel confident in now. We help you plan for the future. We take into account the future needs of your business so you can enjoy and profit from your building for many years.

We’re glad to be contributing to the economic vitality of the region by building the Bedford County Airport’s newest hangar, a 12,000 square foot project that will bring significant opportunities to Bedford and the surrounding counties.

Clark Contractors gets the job done. When you get in touch with us for your next building project, we work with you through every step of the process. From the planning phase, until the project is complete, we’ll give your project our entire focus and attention. We’re known for helping our clients stay on schedule and within their budgets.

Contact us for your next Pittsburgh industrial construction project.