Central Hydraulics

When Central Hydraulics wanted to expand their operations with a new location in East Freedom, PA, they needed a contractor experienced in turnkey industrial construction projects. That is why they chose us. Our project managers and field teams work to understand the concerns and challenges of each customer and project.

Behind Our 32,000-Square-Foot Industrial Construction Project

The purpose of Central Hydraulics 32,000-square-foot industrial construction project was to build a distribution center that offered a location for providing Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, hose assemblies and pump, motor valve and cylinder repair. Our construction process for Central Hydraulics included:

Whether it’s a bank, a healthcare facility or a retail space, Clark Contractors is available to create elegant, functional commercial buildings for clients throughout western and central PA. For more than 60 years, our team has been offering comprehensive design and build services throughout the region, including:

  • Design:

    With more than 60 years of experience, we provided Central Hydraulics with guidance on developing their industrial space to meet their needs.

  • Construction, masonry and concrete:

    A crucial component of any structure is a strong concrete foundation. We built and concreted their 32,000-square-foot distribution center while staying on-schedule.

  • Metal and steel building:

    Using metal and steel construction offered an eco-friendly choice to Central Hydraulics and ensured they met their designated budget.

  • Doors and windows:

    Door and window installation is an essential component of any turnkey industrial construction project in Pennsylvania. Our teams’ extensive experience ensured the installation was fast and flawless.

  • Specialties:

    Our teams tackled numerous specialty requests, from storage shelving to vents. We were more than ready to handle Central Hydraulics requests, like overhead cranes.

  • HVAC, plumbing and electrical:

    We oversaw the installation an HVAC system as well as the plumbing and electrical work at Central Hydraulics.

Providing a turnkey solution for Central Hydraulics 32,000-square-foot industrial construction project was a rewarding experience. We met their needs, budget and schedule.

Your Go-To Contractor for Turnkey Industrial Construction in Pennsylvania

Any construction project consists of multiple phases, each of which requires careful execution and close attention to detail to eliminate the possibility of costly mistakes. Let our experts take care of logistics throughout the construction process. From the estimating stage, initial excavation, masonry work and finishing, we can take care of every step, or work with your team to get the job done more efficiently. You and your team will be able to devote your full attention to running your business instead of stressing over every little detail.

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