Penn DOT Salt Storage Construction

PennDOT needs contractors they can rely on to deliver completed projects on-time, on-budget, and with excellence. That’s why they chose Clark Contractors Inc. Our project managers and field teams work to understand the concerns and challenges of each customer and project.

Requirements for Salt Storage Facilities

Pennsylvania relies on salt storage sheds to maintain its roadways and keep them safe for drivers.

Construction of Salt Storage Facilities

Salt storage facilities in Pennsylvania have several essential requirements:

    • Storage:

It is crucial the salt stored in these facilities stays protected. When exposed to the elements, such as water, it becomes unusable. For PennDOT, it is vital that Pennsylvania taxpayer funds are not wasted on soggy salt.

    • Electrical:

Because salt trucks are on the roads first during a winter storm, it is imperative that PennDOT salt storage facilities have effective lighting so workers can see to load their trucks and begin serving the community.

With these requirements in mind, our goal at Clark Contractors was to provide a sturdy wooden structure with concrete flooring as well as partial concrete siding and electric service.

Challenges of Salt Storage Construction

One of the most substantial challenges with our PennDOT construction project was ensuring we met the salt storage facility requirements and the department budget. Because of our longstanding relationship with the Department of Transportation, including our work on the turnpike, highway and other road systems, we are experienced in meeting this challenge. We overcame this hurdle through the following techniques:

  • Ensuring construction stayed on schedule.
  • Using our team of experienced carpenters, concrete craftsmen and certified subcontractors.
  • Producing a cost-effective and accurate build.

With more than 60 years of experience and a knowledgeable team, we accomplished our goal of providing PennDOT with a high-quality build that met their budget and schedule requirements.

Your Trusted Partner or PennDOT Construction Projects

Our work ethic and the quality of our builds are two reasons why Clark Contractor a trusted partner for PennDOT construction projects in Pennsylvania. Whether you are looking for a salt storage construction company or one to build your next commercial facility, you can rely on Clark Contractors to deliver unparalleled service and quality.