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Instill Confidence with Experienced Bank Construction by Clark Contractor Inc.

If you look at a photo of a bank from 40 or 50 years ago and compare it to one designed and built in the 21st century, you will notice a remarkable difference! Modern banks feature a significant departure from the sterile, bland environment from decades ago. They feature a broad range of design concepts that project a more customer-friendly image while still meeting the business, functional and security requirements of your financial institution.

Clark Contractors Can Handle Your Bank Construction Project in Pennsylvania and Beyond

As a leading commercial and industrial construction contractor in western PA and the surrounding areas, you can trust Clark Contractors, Inc. for a successful outcome for your bank project. As local bank construction contractors with more than 50 years of relevant experience, we know what it takes to design and build a facility that meets your functional and aesthetic requirements. View our gallery that includes projects ranging from the Hometown Bank in Bedford, PA to My Bank First United Bank & Trust in the Maryland-West Virginia region to get a better idea of the quality of our work.

We Understand the Numerous Bank Construction Challenges

There are multiple factors that must be accounted for to ensure a successful project outcome.

Critical factors include:

  • Optimal layout for the space
  • Building materials
  • Project completion time frame
  • Security

The design must incorporate the most efficient space-management concepts to maximize every inch of available floorspace to accommodate for employees, customers and equipment. The choice of building materials is another critical bank construction consideration, because they must provide the ideal combination of durability and affordability. Completing the construction quickly is also essential to help the financial institution meet its business objectives and avoid costly overruns. Ensuring the security of customers and employees can also pose a challenge in some bank designs. With our experience and expertise, Clark Contractors can help you anticipate and overcome these challenges to construct a building that will enable you to serve your customers and fulfill your culture and mission. We will also deliver a cost-efficient result that will meet your budgetary requirements.

We Employ the Latest Bank Construction Design Trends

Financial institutions have more options than ever when choosing the design for their facilities. Examples of popular current design trends include a natural aesthetic look that has a soothing effect on customers by making them feel less confined in an indoor environment. The widespread use of 3D lasers and printers enables the use of various geometric shapes and patterns to provide a futuristic appearance. As many banks are making the transition to automation, there are also bank construction designs that will maximize space efficiency in the smaller facilities that rely on technology.     As local bank construction contractors, Clark Contractors will work closely with you to develop and implement the ideal design concept that is tailored to your unique customer base, as well as your aesthetic, security and functional needs. Whether your clientele consists of business professionals, blue collar workers, senior citizens or a broad mix of customers, you will have the confidence of knowing your design will serve your patrons and employees well.

About Clark Contractors, Inc.

Over the course of more than a half-century in business, Clark Contractors has performed high-quality work for financial institutions across central and western PA, northern Maryland and beyond. We are a family-owned and operated construction contracting company that emphasizes quality, careful planning, organization and attention to detail for every project we take on. Our team consists of capable construction management professionals who work together to ensure a smooth, hassle-free project that removes the burden from our customers shoulders. We consistently complete our projects on schedule and within budget.

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Whether you are looking to build a new branch office or completely renovate your existing facilities, Clark Contractors is a full-service bank construction company in Pennsylvania and Maryland you can trust. Contact us for more information today.