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Over-the-road truck drivers, business travelers, weekend warriors, vacationers and anyone else who takes an extended road trip along our interstate highways and turnpikes appreciate the presence of conveniently located service plazas along the way. A 24/7 service plaza gives road-weary drivers and their passengers a chance to stretch, gas up, use the restroom facilities and grab a bite to eat before continuing their journey. Travel plazas can also generate revenue. In Delaware, for instance, a percentage of the sales of food and gasoline from designated service plazas goes to the state government. Travel plazas have come a long way from the dirty, dingy facilities of years gone by. These days, many contain features designed to heighten the experience for travelers. You can find everything from food courts and playgrounds for kids to pet exercise areas and even farmers markets. The design of many of these facilities has also improved in recent years. In fact some plazas look more like art museums than gas stations or restaurants!

Your Best Source for Service Plaza Construction in Pennsylvania and Maryland

The professionals at Clark Contractors, Inc. are experienced service plaza contractors who can handle every phase of your project. We have helped design and construct some of the best service plazas in PA and MD. Our successful projects include several facilities along and just off the PA Turnpike from New Stanton to Breezewood. Check out our commercial gallery to view examples of our work.

Plazas That Meet the Needs of the Modern Traveler

You can also get an in-person look at our work if you make a stop at the PA Turnpike Service Plaza in New Stanton, located at milepost 77.6 along the westbound lanes in Westmoreland County. This state-of-the-art facility features a host of modern amenities including a dog walk area, two fast food restaurants, an ice cream shop, a seasonal farmers market and an electric vehicle charging station.

We were the contractors for the Truck Stop Electrification facility, the first of its kind on the turnpike.

The TSE consists of towers equipped with modules designed to fit inside truck windows to supply internet service, television, heat, air conditioning and electrical power to the vehicle while the engine is shut off.

We Understand the Unique Service Plaza Construction Challenges

As with all major building projects, service plaza construction poses a unique set of challenges that must be overcome to achieve a successful outcome. In many cases, new plazas must be constructed within the same footprint of an older facility, which requires an extensive demolition and reconstruction process. Construction deadlines are often tight, especially when a plaza must be completed in time for the busy summer travel season. With our extensive experience and proven track record of completing projects on schedule and within budget, you can count on Clark Contractors to handle the most daunting plaza construction challenges with ease. We can anticipate most obstacles that could derail a project and provide a fast, effective solution for the issue. With a portfolio of thousands of successfully completed construction projects to our credit, you can count on us to deliver the results you expect.

The Clark Contractors Story

Clark Contractors, Inc. is a third-generation family-owned and operated company that has been providing premium industrial and commercial contracting services throughout western Pennsylvania and northern Maryland for more than 50 years. We have built our stellar reputation on performing high-quality work, carefully planning and organizing every project and integrating the latest technologies into our processes. Our construction management team includes the most talented and experienced job site supervisors, project managers and other capable professionals who share our commitment to meeting every customer need.

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