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Roofing & Insulation Contractors In PA

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Roofing installation and exterior barriers are essential for most commercial facilities, not only to keep out the elements, but also to reduce monthly utility costs.

Investing in high quality heat and moisture protection can ensure the comfort of your staff and your customers, improve the efficiency and accuracy of your workflow and increase the service life of your essential equipment.

To get all these benefits, however, you need the support of a team who is highly experienced and properly trained in commercial roofing and insulation. That’s where Clark Contractors, Inc. can help.

The Clark Contractors, Inc. Difference

Clark Contractors performs roofing, insulation and exterior barrier projects with experienced subcontractors.

Relying on a combined experience of 60 plus years, our team can properly assess your needs and recommend both the best product for the job and the subcontractor to get it done efficiently for less.

Over the years, we have tackled many different types of projects, including complete re-roofs, new roof installations, fascia, and gutters – this experience allows us to coordinate better with our subcontractors and expedite the build process during this crucial stage.

Skilled Contractors Who Know Roofing

Some of the key components to our success include our vast network of experienced and certified roofing subcontractors, each of whom shares our commitment to a fine finished product.

We have developed many strong relationships with some of the best subcontractors in the area and can ensure you select the right team for your specific roofing and other thermal/moisture protection products.

Both our subcontractor partners and our in-house roofing experts share a vast knowledge of EPDM roofing, modified systems, ballast systems, shingles, TPO, sprayed membrane air barriers and foundation waterproofing systems. This gives us a unique advantage in the fact that we can move quickly, safely and with precision to complete your proejct without flaws.

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As a family business, we proudly serve clients throughout the western/central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland regions. For more information about our commercial thermal and moisture protection services, contact us today.

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