It’s the easy and intelligent alternative for buying competitively bid, on-call facility repair and construction services. Thanks to the job order contracts made available through KPN’s cooperative purchasing, you can shed the red tape of traditional procurement in favor of speed, efficiency and the power of group buying.

The contracts meet all Pennsylvania competitive bidding requirements and comply with the Separations and Steel Acts. Contractors have been awarded in six regions across the state, and are ready to begin work today. Every year over $1.4 billion in high quality construction is expedited nationally using Gordian’s proven time and cost saving job order contracting solutions

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What is ezIQC®?

Clark Contractors, Inc. is bound to make your life easier and bring you value on our next project together. Clark Contractors, Inc. has been awarded contracts for the second time to provide ezlQC construction services here in Pennsylvania.

As the name suggests, ezlQC is an “easy” to access, indefinite quantity construction contract alternative for buying on-call facility repair and alteration construction services. With this ezlQC contract, you get the same Clark Contractors quality and reliability you’ve already experienced with a fast track procurement process. Since we have already competed against numerous Pennsylvania contractors and been awarded with the lowest responsive price, you’ll save procurement effort and time and get the most for your money by scoping and pricing the work with ezlQC. Plus, you’ll get the project management assistance and oversight of an ezlQC representative to help us all expedite the project and provide a fully auditable proposal to your constituents.

When your next project need arises, simply enter it at ezlQC.com/Clark and a local ezlQC representative will contact you to get things moving. ezlQC is perfect for a variety of projects from parking lot repairs and roofing maintenance to HVAC upgrades and painting. It is a proven, award winning procurement process. Take advantage of volume discounts, our trusted construction services and construction procurement specialists to complete your work in a fraction of the time.

On your mark—get set—GO! ezIQC®’s rapid response.

Joint Scope Meeting

After entering your project, your local ezIQC® representative will quickly schedule a Joint Scope Meeting at the project site to help you and the Clark Contractors team agree on the details of the work that we will perform. The scoping process allows us to inspect the site and ask questions before submitting a Price Proposal. This upfront, open communication eliminates the misunderstandings and mistakes that lead to most change orders and often results in more cost-effective collaborative solutions. Our building expertise has often lead to “out of the box” remedies for complicated challenges, budget limitations or schedule constraints.

Detailed Scope of Work

The ezIQC® representative will then help you prepare a Detailed Scope of Work that describes the work that Clark Contractors will perform. The Detailed Scope of Work will be sent along with the Request for Proposal to Clark for pricing purposes.

Price Proposal

Next, we prepare a Price Proposal by taking our detailed measurements and project specifications and selecting the appropriate tasks from the Construction Task Catalog® almost like ordering off of a menu. We simply multiply the unit price X the required quantities X the Clark Contractors, Inc.’s competitively bid Adjustment Factor. That’s it. No haggling. No extra charges. We also prepare a construction schedule and a list of proposed local subcontractors. Since we have already competitively bid the ezIQC® contract, we can begin working with little delay.

Price Proposal Review

Want another set of construction savvy eyes to review the Price Proposal to assure your auditors that your price is fair and fully auditable? It is a standard ezIQC® service for your ezIQC® representative to review the Price Proposal, make sure that we have selected the appropriate tasks and quantities and ask us to make any required changes all before they submit the Price Proposal to you for your final review. This is one of the best aspects of the ezIQC® process – providing reassurance and transparency to everyone involved- us, the agency, your board, your auditors and ultimately your constituents. Buying construction just got easier!.

Purchase Order

If you are 100% satisfied with the Price Proposal, construction schedule, and proposed subcontractors, and decide to move forward, you can ask us to submit payment and performance bonds and certificates of insurance on your standard forms. For some projects, payment and performance bonds may not be required. If the bonds and insurance are acceptable, you simply issue a purchase order for Clark Contractors, Inc.to proceed. The construction is now ready to begin in a fraction of the time that you normally spend to procure a project.


Site inspections and construction management follow your standard process. When necessary changes arise, you have the flexibility to change the Detailed Scope of Work with ezIQC®. Extra work and changes are priced from the Construction Task Catalog for your specific area. There are no more negotiated change orders. Everything is prepriced. Clark Contractors prides itself on our reputation in all work and we are motivated to provide a high quality project because the opportunity for future ezIQC® work is tied to our current performance. We must perform because we recognize there is no guarantee that we will receive additional projects unless you are fully satisfied.

Get Started

Enter your project into www.ezIQC.com/Clark today. The Keystone Purchasing Network competitively bid 26 ezIQC® contracts across the Commonwealth and Clark was honored to receive several of them for Local General Construction, Plumbing and HVAC depending on the area so we can start work immediately. These are prevailing wage rate contracts. They meet all Pennsylvania competitive bidding requirements and comply with the Separations Act and the Steel Act. Why wait?